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A tale of two bicycles and a wooded hill:-“Exhiliaration Daze”

“No Idea” is a sort of reawakening; indeed it has its moments, but what IS that woman’s name?

One of the greatest privileges of my life was a relationship filled with laughter.  “We Laughed All The Time”.

What is the value of a flower?  “A Reluctant Gardener” explores this theme.

“Portrait in Halls with Tall Bare Walls” is completed.  An unintentional epic perhaps?  Judge for yourself.

I hate horror films.  I hate zombies.  I hate running.  It therefore seemed logical to write & record a song called “Run! Zombies! Run!” - and here it is.

“Attachment, Separation & Loss (part 493)” is the latest, delightully delicate exploration of infant psychoanalysis set to gentle, lullaby-like tinklings.

If you’re in the mood for a gentle ballad, it’s just possible that “Sock Man and Invisible Monkey (It’s not easy being a superhero)” is not what you’re looking for.

In belated ‘celebration’ of the Brexit vote of 23 June 2016, we are proud to bring you “The Day of the Stupids”.

The video for “The Holy Book of the Invisible Friend” is online.  To view it, click here!

What do we do with powerful snippets of memories which can no longer be shared with those who also experienced them?  Write songs about them perhaps?  “Dream Fragments Redrawn”.

If we didn’t have religions & imaginary omnipotent friends, we’d have to find something else to ridicule & get angry about.  In the meantime, “Follow! Follow! Follow!” responds to some common religious intrusions.

This is indeed the website of the glorious Separation Circle, purveyors of bloody awful music aimed primarily at masochists and the tone deaf.  Enter and explore at your own risk.

In addition to the alleged music, there are also songwords which are intended to stand in their own right as poetry. Whether or not they do is not for you to say; it’s for us to say and we say they do.  So there.

Musical themes explored from time to time include playing with chord progressions, discord, rhythm, time signatures and seeing how they bend.  The Separation Circle does not claim to be unique in carrying out such explorations but we like to think our style of exploration has a certain putrid panache to it.

Verbal themes explored are most of the usual ones: life, breath, space travel, pigs, monkeys, airports, birds, a loss of the ability to fly, cafeterias, harbours, shoes, missing limbs, a dead octopus, indoctrination, train journeys to be avoided and the elaboration of attachment theory.

There’s other stuff too: but we’ve tried to hide it as well as possible.


Vladimir Putin - lead triangle

Nandita Das - nose flute

Kim Jong-un - kazoo & hi-hat

Robert Mugabe - 3rd viola

Nojit - backing vocals (under duress)

Angela Merkel - tuned tapeworms

Ali Khamenei - ostrich-plucking

Mohamed Mahathir - post-traumatic counselling

Captain Skirt Bus-Stop - lead vocals