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“Eris” is the Goddess of Discord.  Discord has long been an important feature of my music.  She is always going to feature in our lives regardless of whether or not we invite Her to the feast.  I’d like to get better at learning to live and work with Her.

“Within Arachnid Silken Purse” has varying time signatures & tempos, intriguing chord progressions, bloody horribly discordant backing vocals, strange percussive noises, harmony, rhythms , well-whirled words and vespine peril.  As you’d expect.

“Mind the Gaps” offers various perspicacious perspectives of the 1st wave of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown and it’s bloody brilliant.

“Revisited/Resurrection” tells of the simple joy of an unexpected reunion.

Nearly 12 years after ‘
Glass Bubble Home’, when many were already concerned about climate change, not only has the situation deteriorated considerably but those leading us are, instead of addressing it, actively making matters much worse.  They could have stopped the climate change catastrophe, “But Chose Not To”.

Far from typical of the sort of rubbish that the Separation Circle usually churns out, “Warm Beneath the Sun” tells of a parent’s love for their newborn child.

“One for One China” is a homage to humanity’s newest superpower.

“The Painted Wolves  (Come Tomorrow)” tells the simple tale of an endangered, often misunderstood  & marginalised African animal species.  Their future prospects remain uncertain.

Amongst other things, I accuse those who don’t believe we are apes of posturing like a chimpanzee while doing a bit of primal posturing myself.  Hurrah!  “The False Dawn of Sense Commencement” is a protest song attacking ‘post-truth’ humanity.

This is indeed the website of the glorious Separation Circle, purveyors of bloody awful music aimed primarily at masochists & the tone deaf.  Enter & explore at your own risk.

In addition to the alleged music, there are also songwords which are intended to stand in their own right as poetry. Whether or not they do is not for you to say; it’s for us to say & we say they do.  So there.

Musical themes explored from time to time include playing with chord progressions, discord, rhythm, time signatures & seeing how they bend.  The Separation Circle does not claim to be unique in carrying out such explorations but we like to think our style of exploration has a certain putrid panache to it.

Verbal themes explored are most of the usual ones: life, breath, space travel, pigs, monkeys, airports, birds, a loss of the ability to fly, cafeterias, harbours, shoes, missing limbs, a dead octopus, indoctrination, train journeys to be avoided & the elaboration of attachment theory.

There’s other stuff too: but we’ve tried to hide it as well as possible.


Vladimir Putin - lead triangle

Nandita Das - nose flute

Kim Jong-un - kazoo & hi-hat

Robert Mugabe - 3rd viola

Nojit - backing vocals (under duress)

Angela Merkel - tuned tapeworms

Ali Khamenei - ostrich-plucking

Mohamed Mahathir - post-traumatic counselling

Captain Skirt Bus-Stop - lead vocals

January 13th - The Separation Circle