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The Lines are Down

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11 The Lines are Down 2022m.mp3

   Ed Hooke

    September 1985

    September 2022

Long distance conversation.
Telephone line…

The lines are down.

The Lines Are Down

A re-working of the magnificent Bad Tune Men song.

The subject matter concerns the time when Lynne C, BTM agent & all round special person, was in a coma.....

I hear a waver in your voice
and then I hear no more…

Since you stopped
talking to me
I can’t do anything.

Starting to wear through my carpet

- pacing up & down, up & down…

The lines are down.

All around, the lines are down.

There is so much we have still to discuss

- the trip of a lifetime to plan…

Since you stopped
talking to me
I can’t do anything.

What can I do?
The problem seems to be at your end.
Are you as powerless as I or
blissfully unaware?