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Science Defiance & Superstitions for the Modern Ape


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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted Wolves
(Come Tomorrow)

One for
One China

Warm Beneath
the Sun

But Chose
Not To

Revisited / Resurrection

Mind The Gaps
(A Lockdown Lament)

Within Arachnid Silken Purse


The Lines are Down

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02 The False Dawn of Sense Commencement.mp3 The False Dawn of Sense Commencement

“Truth is not truth.”[1]  Oh no.
The leader’s lawyer said so.
It’s not a lie.
It’s an alternative fact.
Democracy cracked
by the Kremlin.
Divisiveness backed.
Rich powerful populists
keep their tax avoidance intact.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: June 2018-May 2019

Recorded:  May 2019

There’s deceit on an outrageous scale
when herds believe the Daily Mail.
While Putin’s pawns pull Facebook strings
the fat lady sings.

Evolution denied
by ignorance and pride
“We’re not apes!
Proof provided by books of old.”
Tribal truths out-doled.

Blind faith blindfold.
Do as you’re foretold.
Superstition tradition
- countless conned & controlled.

The apple could float up.
the apple drops

on Newton’s head.
The gravity of this injury
he did not foresee.

Conspiracy crowd
ludicrous & loud.
Wacky vaccine-opposed parents
risk their small children’s lives.
Some call fake the Moon landings.
Flat Earthers all around the globe fall.
Turtles & more turtles all the way down.
Tall total.


So, let’s attack everyone at once!

[1] “Truth is not truth” - Rudy Giuliani, lawyer to US President Donald Trump [20 August 2018]

[2] The phrase “alternative facts” was used by KellyAnne Conway, Counselor to US President Donald Trump, to defend some of his lies [22 January 2017]

[3] It is alleged that agents of Putin’s Russia meddled with and influenced the results of many western elections & referenda, including via social media, as well as repeatedly fixing the results of Russia’s own elections.

[4] Wealthy financiers of the pro-Brexit campaign in the UK are said to have been motivated by impending EU legislation to reduce tax avoidance loopholes.

[5] Described as ‘The Daily Hate’ by one of its own former editors, the Daily Mail’s headlines of ‘outrage’ are more usually  instructions to its readers than news reports.  Mixing real stories with pure politically-driven fiction, it conflates ‘refugees & asylum seekers’ with ‘economic migrants’ & ‘benefits tourists’ for its blanket xenophobic campaigns.

[6] The full joke (which I couldn’t find a way to compress adequately) is “The Flat Earthers Society claims to have members from all around the globe.”

Assert smug superiority
- a primal primate primacy
while posturing like a chimpanzee
claiming territory.

Quantum physics
or mathematricks?
Arbitrarily in one equation deem
one place shift downstream for infinity
- a Ponzi-like pyramid scheme.
Perceptual errors both are & are not what they seem.

The cat’s alive.  The cat is dead.
The cat scratches Schrödinger’s head.
The cat puts on the emperor’s new coat.
It’s an escaped goat!

[7] Referring to a reported idiosyncratic superstition that the Earth is a thin crust balanced on the back of a giant turtle, with that turtle balanced on the back of another turtle ad infinitum.

[8] Religious fanatics in places such as the USA have tried to prevent the teaching of evolution (despite the huge body of evidence for it) in schools.  It has been banned in Turkey.  They even deny that humans are apes.

[9] I hate quantum physics &, in defiance of ‘science’, think it’s bullshit.  There is a supposed proof that  the sum of increasing integers (1+2+3+4+5 etc) actually results in a negative fraction which involves a shift in one of a pair of equations (as referred to here).

[10] Schrödinger was dismissive of quantum physics’ claims that 2 contradictory states can both be true at the same time (e.g. that a cat unseen in a box could simultaneously be both alive and dead).  Supposedly his perspective has been proven incorrect.  However I’m with Schrödinger on this one.  Perhaps I’m not adequately knowledgeable and just don’t understand but I like to think I’m pointing out the insubstantiality of the quantum physics emperor’s new coat.

[11] Many people mistakenly mispronounce the word ‘scapegoat’ as ‘escaped goat’.  I thought I’d just throw this in here.  Also it rhymes with ‘coat’.


[Ratty, Deepest Darkest Sussex]