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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted

One for
One China

Warm Beneath
the Sun

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Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: January-August 2019

Recorded:  August 2019

This song was inspired by the painted wolves of Africa featured in the BBC “Dynasties” series.  The name ‘’Painted Wolves’’ is a literal translation of their Latin name
lycaon pictus & is considerably less pejorative than more vague names such as “wild dogs”.  They are indeed more closely related to other wolves than to domestic dogs, both genetically & behaviourally.  With only 6,600 of them left in the world in late 2018, painted wolves are Africa’s second most endangered species, with their habitat increasingly encroached upon & restricted by ever-spreading human populations.

The phrase ‘come tomorrow’ has several different possible interpretations. It could be an optimistic wish, or a determination, for something better (when considering the 2 words alone) or (when considering the 2 words together with the previous clause) a fatalistic acceptance, or perhaps an unwitting prediction, of the future’s darker consequences.

Fast feast.

Scavengers scrum and steal.

Food fleeced ...

yet we’ll sate our hunger,
come our next meal.

Waterhole.  Stop.  Drink.
Crocodile.  Snatch wolf, sink.

Comrade lost.

Can we no more than spectate?

Defy hyenas.

Lions, let’s leave lie.

Ears pricked for danger,

pointed for prey
the eye is yet to spy.

Stand by.

Spray-mark territory.
Intruders ruthlessly tracked.

Rivals’ survival’s not our worry.

Underground nursery.
Pups emerge clumsily.
These need we feed,

protect & educate.

Keep young among us

for those that dawdle

may make foes’ jaws full

- ripped apart.
Drooped our tails, hearts smart,
grief stung, heads hung.

Scent that’s sent by breeze.
Nose that knows.  No eye sees.
Pack  agrees.

Pause these paws

& contemplate.

Fan out downwind like

huge open mouth poised,
unseen, without sound.
Chase, trap, snap.
Bound, swiftly surround...
prey downed to ground.

Hunt on!

Trust the skills that we know.

Day gone.
New dawn brings new hunger...

come tomorrow!

Stand.  Sing.
High hoot, harmony howl

wild & wide the worlds where

painted wolves  prowl.

Lands shrink...
spoils of two-footed foe.

Bring brink.

Fewer falls our number...

come tomorrow!

The Painted Wolves