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Science Defiance & Superstitions for the Modern Ape


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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted Wolves
(Come Tomorrow)

One for
One China

Warm Beneath
the Sun

But Chose
Not To

Revisited / Resurrection

Mind The Gaps
(A Lockdown Lament)

Within Arachnid Silken Purse


The Lines are Down

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06 But Chose Not To.mp3 But Chose Not To

Should we keep trees or should we cut them down?
“Keep” say the scientists.  “Cut” says the clown.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: November 2019-January 2020
Recorded:  February 2020

These are days of halls of mirrors; charlatans accuse
those transmitting truth of being those spreading fake news.

These are days of deep divisions.  Drift we down to doom?
- polluting, poisoning our planet, benefitting whom?

Bolsonaro, Modi, Trump, Putin, Xi - and Morrison.
These are our ‘great’ leaders who

could have stopped the climate change catastrophy
but chose not to.
They chose not to.

Climate change denying populists will facilitate the death of us, going down in what little history we have left as an example of the triumph of narcissistic ignorance and arrogance over science and sense.

We’re happy to listen to the right type of fear.
Demonise those not like us & then we will hear.

There is no Planet B.

We’ve had enough of what experts all say.
Smile in denial & troubles go away.

I don’t want to believe in it, so I say ‘just wait’.
We can deal with climate change when it’s far too late.