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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted Wolves
(Come Tomorrow)

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One China

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the Sun

But Chose
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Revisited / Resurrection

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(A Lockdown Lament)

Within Arachnid Silken Purse


The Lines are Down

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07 Revisited - Resurrection.mp3 Revisited/Resurrection

“After all this time, I’m back, so how have you been?” she said.
“I got lazy & stopped putting the effort in” she said.
“I lost my good habits somehow” she said.
“I want to see if I can rediscover 3 or 4 of them now” she said.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: December 2019-March 2020
for HK
Recorded:  March 2020

“You know life sometimes goes not quite how you’d planned” she said.
“Problems pop up here & there then they expand” she said.
“Some you can do nothing about” she said.
“They tie you up, they drag you down, they suck you in & wear you out” she said.

“Life has been stormy.  I’ve been under a cloud” she said.
“My head filled up with noise.  It all got too loud” she said.

“Now I’m starting anew” she said.
“It’s good to be here & it’s really good to see you” she said.

“Some weird stuff happened I could not understand” she said.
“Work went kind of wild & it got quite out of hand” she said.
“Issues I had to address” she said.
“Stuff with my family.  It all became such a horrible mess” she said.

She came back.  The carthorse unconditionally welcomes the return of the gazelle.

Some of the challenges I set myself when composing/arranging/mixing this song were as follows:-

Time signatures
* to have fun with a variety, occasionally bending them a bit.

* To have 1.  Or 2.

The verses
* Musically repetitive & discord-based – but then again not
too repetitive.
* Each line of each verse to have its own unique melody.
* Fewer syllables in 3rd lines; more syllables in 4th.
* Words that don't sound like they were written by me.

The choruses
* To capture a sense of simple joy musically.
* Those chords & that chord progression....  ah it's up to you to work them/it out (taking into account the melody line) for yourself!  The 'unexpected' highlight chord is relatively easy: C# major.

“Sometimes you try things but then your fingers get burnt” she said.
“You lose your way & forget what’s important” she said.
“Searching but what for?” she said.
“I found I wasn’t even certain who I was any more” she said.

I still don’t quite understand exactly why she went away
but filled am I with joy ‘cause I am so glad to see her here today.

I don’t get, at least not yet, exactly why she went away.
Still I fill with joy ‘cause I am so glad to see her here today.
Here I am & here she stands & I feel clueless what to say
so I just grin in joy ‘cause I am so glad to see her here today.

Though I still don’t understand exactly why she went away
Delight makes my eyes bright. I am so glad to see her here today.
Here I am & here she stands.  Who knows if or how long she’ll stay?

I just grin in joy ‘cause I am so glad to see her here today.
Here I am & here she stands and she asks me if I’m OK.
I blush, grin, filled with joy ‘cause I am just so glad to see her here today.

“That was nice.”   
                                    [Smruti, Mumbai]