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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted Wolves
(Come Tomorrow)

One for
One China

Warm Beneath
the Sun

But Chose
Not To

Revisited / Resurrection

Mind The Gaps
(A Lockdown Lament)

Within Arachnid Silken Purse


The Lines are Down

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04 One for One China.mp3 One for One China

The world’s oldest, largest civilisation is rising to prominence now;
from pre-Confucian, pre-Lao Tse days to the modern legacy of Chairman Mao.

A people’s democratic dictatorship ensures that all are free,

while the state expands with reclaimed lands, all Chinese historically
- & don’t forget South China’s sea.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: September-October 2019

Recorded:  November 2019

Re-education camps steer strays back to the norm
supporting millions of potential terrorists in their endeavours to reform.
Words like ‘genocide’, ‘organ harvests’ & ‘torture’ will meet Chinese glares.

Beijing brooks no outside meddling in internal affairs.
What trader or debtor dares?

China hopes to sway to truth those misguided in Hong Kong.
It may take some time but sooner or later they shall realise they’re wrong.

This harmonious socialist society has a responsive, listening ear.
When problems are raised by protesters, they find they disappear.
No more protests here.

Let’s build our new great wall.
Arise ye who refuse to be slaves.
Our flesh & blood, come all!
One for one China.
March on!


The phrase “people’s democratic dictatorship” was incorporated into the Chinese constitution by Mao Tse Tung.

     The Chinese National Anthem
Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves;

With our very flesh and blood

Let us build our new Great Wall!

The peoples of China are in the most critical time,

Everybody must roar his defiance.

Arise! Arise! Arise!

Millions of hearts with one mind,

Brave the enemy's gunfire,

March on!

"Anyone who attempts to split any region from China will perish, with their bodies smashed and bones ground to powder,” [President Xi Jinping,13 October 2019]

Climate-changing pollution pours, placidly, people pay the price
- happy to see dear Mr Xi’s presidency feed China’s smoke-filled, hungry eyes.
Development loans encourage other nations to support the Chinese view.
Helpful foreign government workers & politicians are well-rewarded too
but Winnie the Pooh is taboo.

Anyone who tries to split any region from China is going to perish
with their bodies smashed and their bones ground to powder.

“The eerie tune does justice to the subject matter.”

[Zara - Lahore]