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The False Dawn of
Sense Commencement

The Painted

One for
One China

Warm Beneath
the Sun

But Chose
Not To

Revisited - Resurrection

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05 Warm Beneath the Sun.mp3 Warm Beneath the Sun

Here you are so small & new.
I will help you learn the things to do.

Through my voice, my gaze, my touch
you will know that you’re loved very much.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: January-April 2018

Recorded:  November 2019

Smile, my little one.
Daddy’s/Mummy’s here.
We’re warm beneath the Sun
& at night when the stars come into view
each one of them will wink and smile for you.

Step by step, venture outside.
Stretch forth your arms & marvel, eager-eyed.
This wild world’s wonder-filled beauty
flows, rotates, awaits you patiently.

Let joy & laughter calm your cries.
We’ll share the sparkling between our eyes.
If I’m away, I won’t be long.
Soon you’ll hear me singing you this song.