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(Come Tomorrow)

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One China

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Revisited / Resurrection

Mind The Gaps
(A Lockdown Lament)

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08 Mind the Gaps.mp3 Mind The Gaps
(A Lockdown Lament)

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: March-May 2020

Recorded:  May-June 2020

Dinosaurs died out.

What brought their rout about?
Some claim a huge asteroid clout.
Perhaps what killed them off
instead was a dry cough
rendering lung function void.

Out pour poor-brained folk
- their/they’re spanners for the spoke
- protest against self-protection.

Demon-eyed scam preacher
puffs, virus to beat.  Yeah
microbes don’t give a feck.

Written during the first wave of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic when social  distancing was introduced for the first time in living memory.

Pangolin/bat.  Some believe that the coronavirus was first transmitted to humans by someone eating an infected pangolin or bat bought at a Chinese wet market.

‘Demon-eyed scam preacher’ may possibly refer to UIS American televangelist & multimillionaire, Kenneth Copeland.

With a pandemic virus on our hands
two meeters must be clear
of where each other stands.
Stay at home!  Stay away!  Stay away!

Don’t come near me.
I shall keep my distance too.
Sometimes we’ll smile, perhaps
but still we mind the gaps
& I miss you.

Oh! Could we too face a similar fate?
- humanity scratched, scourged,
scrubbed, purged

from the planet’s plate?
Oh! Pangolin post host, Trojan bat.
You’d have to be bat-shit crazy
to dine out on that.

Rot!  Bring me a bargepole then be gone.
Those touched or who congregate risk
passing malware on.
What though of the virus’s point of view?
It’s only trying to feed its family on you.

Sad social separation simply serves
this wish which seeks for passing peaks
& flattened curves.
Stay at home!  Stay away!  Stay away!

More peace, less pollution, cleaner air
suggesting the world improves
when fewer of us are there.
Foreseeable future unforseen.
Prat president buck-pass
swears his dirty hands are clean.