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(Come Tomorrow)

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(A Lockdown Lament)

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The Lines are Down

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Perhaps life is a race you had no chance to win.

Perhaps you believed you were bad deep within.

Perhaps from when small you felt destined to fail.
Perhaps others convinced you to live like a snail.

1) “Meh”  
[Johnny Debonair Debonair, Rugby, UK]

2) “Quite liked that.  Pretty bleak as well.”
[Brigs Jones, Devon, UK]

Well, tough!  No-one’s coming to save you, forlorn.
You can mourn being born, parents gone, others’ scorn

but the ships have all sailed & the cuckoos have flown

so sink or swim, sucker.  You’re on your own.

Perhaps newborn-like needy, vulnerable, weak.

Forever frightened, forgotten, freak.

Perhaps there’s a reason.  Perhaps it’s tight-lipped.

Perhaps you’re just scripted to follow your script[1].

Perhaps you’re a prophet, fulfilling self-doom.
Perhaps you’re the elephant in your own room.

Perhaps you’d not noticed that life is unfair.

Perhaps souls ever naked are too much to baer[2]?

Perhaps the good god squad will come make you prey[2].

Soul sold for false fears, you can pay to obey.

Ancient superstitions, politically-led.
Perhaps dulled with delusions, rewards when you’re dead?  Ha!


Oh no.  Not again.  Again.

The music for this song started out as an experimental verse for “A Carthorse Chasing After a Gazelle” but words flowed for it & it quickly became apparent that it was a song in its own right.

I wasn’t at all sure of some of the chorus backing vocals to start with; at one point effectively singing in Eb major while everything else is in Eb minor but I’m glad I’ve stuck with them.  The effect will be disconcerting or even nauseating to many but fascinatingly weirdly attractive to… well, to me if nobody else.

[1] For more information on scripts, see the Transactional Analysis book “What do you say after you say ‘hello’?” by Eric Berne MD

[2] ‘Baer’ is spelt the way it is because I wanted the word to be ambiguous (with the meanings of both of the 2 verbs ‘bear’ & ‘bare’).  The spelling of ‘prey’ however is definitely the correct one.

Composer: Ed Hooke
Written: January 2019

Recorded:  February 2019