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The Futher Sermons of Father McKenzie


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The Further Sermons of Father McKenzie

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Composers:   Ed Hooke & Jonita Cabilogan Hooke
Date of Composition:  March 2007 - October 2017
Date of Recording/Copyright:    October 2017

What a privilege to have experienced such a joyful relationship.

Many of the references in the words are explained by embedded links.  Position the cursor over the relevant text and, if it goes green, click on it.

We Laughed All the Time

Webcam woman with her feet in the air
watched by a man with his distant

dancing Indonesian statuettes.
Nearing a wide bridge the barefoot bride.
A shout - her name - from the other side.
No frills.  No fanfare.  No regrets.

You want me to throw

you into freezing Lake Tahoe?
I been waiting long time
for you, you know.
Circus Circus lost one of its best workers.
Wedding rings four, where they went I’m not quite sure.
Look what shiatsu can do to you!

Honeymoon in L.A.
A cheap motel Santa Monica way.
Sorted your visa and flight,
we stayed only one night
then flew off to the U.K.

Happy happy happy happy happy day.
We put out the rubbish.  Happy happy day.
Happy happy happy happy happy day.
Photographs and mirrors.  Bloody karaoke.

I bought you a gift to keep for years to come
then one month later you gave it to my mum.
I guess she hated it too.
We saw it in the zoo

and we laughed all of the time.

Into our flat after work I crept
still and silent until you leapt
out beaming from another different hiding place.

Blow the candles out.  They just relight.
Climbing ropes in Wales at treetop height.
Nojit in the snow or gardening with a smiling face.

Grins and gurning.
Eyes joy-filled alight.
Short hugs by day.
Long hugs at night.
Camping at Brighton and Brightlingsea.
Icy Edinburgh, rainy Torquay.
Snowdon slopes, campfire baked beans for tea.

Two separate doors between kitchen & hall.

Walk round in circles for no reason at all,
chasing and when we got caught
we decided we ought
to hide together from ourselves.

Jonita, what’s your name?  Pizza poem.
Does this karaoke have “Glass Bubble Home”?
You sang whatever your choice

at the top of your voice
and we laughed all of the time.

Your first football match - what’s the score?
Leyton Orient 2, Hartlepool 4.
Richie’s twin.  Will Victoria come to us?

Famous monument.  Ancient unknowns.
No let’s not go there.  It’s just some stones.

Aberystwyth.  Abernotherblazingargument.

I rescued you but did you not see
at least as much as that, you too rescued me?
Pick blackberries near to Nojit’s Road.
A gate to bend over at Wendover.

Bright eyeshine, pick me out.  Light me up.

Once upon a time there was a princess.
Her name was Nojit.  Do you love her?
Oh yes! Yes and T.B. made her thin
but the smell of penguin

meant we laughed all of the time.

She can’t speak English - not one word.
Learn ornithology.  Bird bird bird.  BIRD!

A happy hat on your head.
Fights for one side of the bed

and we laughed all of the time.
Didn’t we?  Didn’t we?

We laughed all the time.
We laughed all the time
and if I had my time again
I’d choose a quarter to ten

and we’d laugh all of the time.

Wouldn’t we?  Wouldn’t we?

We laughed all the time.
Oh yes we argued but we would climb

back up and find a way through

and we’d smile anew

and we laughed all of the time.
Didn’t we?  Didn’t we?