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03 The Pizza Song.mp3

Ed Hooke

Date of
 March 2007-March 2008

Date of
March 2008

Backing Vocals:

This was indeed a modernday romance.  In a webcam chatroom where the vast majority of the women present were keen to present themselves as beautiful, feminine and/or serene, there was one who instead lay on her back on the floor showing her feet to the webcam......  And when she sings along with the chorus of this song, she changes the line “Oh Jonita, what does this mean?” to “Oh Jonita, what is your name?”  Truly unique.

The Pizza Song

This is a modernday romance.

It's through the internet he meets her.

Nothing is conventional

about the way he greets her.

When he sees her come online,

he calls out to her "Pizza!"

"I can't deliver that," she says,

"but I can show you my feet, sir."

Oh Jonita, what does this mean?

A tunnel's light?

The end in sight?

or another empty dream?

Oh Jonita, where have you been?

Through all these years

and all these tears

you've kept yourself unseen.