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Lumps and Bumps


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Lumps and Bumps


Lumps and Bumps

A familiar theme which also crops up elsewhere as "what's the use of so much so called potential if it's wasted?" [Clocks, Cobswebs & Chalk] and "Life is not a rehearsal" [Recognise?] amongst other places

The Challenges:  to write a song which:-
*  has only 3 chords but I still like it
*  has 8-line verses with only 5 syllables in each line except the 8
th (6 syllables)
*  has an AAAABBCC rhyme scheme
*  has a simple yet infectious rhythm

Ed Hooke

Date of
April - December 2009

Date of

“The rhythm section in your music often sounds like a primary school music class with a box-full of interesting noise-makers being orchestrated by an enthusiastic teacher.  It seems to be more about joy than technicality - which of course is excellent.”

            [S.A. “Blob” Wilkinson, world’s greatest drummer]

Ghosts float by and fade.

Dusty mirrors greyed.

Estimates unweighed.

Strategies unplayed.

Mountains viewed not climbed.

Couplets yet unrhymed.

Time and tide don't wait

but still you hesitate.

False starts left outclassed.

Chances came but passed.

Fears have held you fast

Breathless to the last.

Lovers flew your dreams

flowed to other streams.

Allies you frustrate

but still you hesitate.

Days refused a dawn.

Curtains fade still drawn.

Children wait unborn

Lives not lived to mourn.

Hopes which might have been.

Arms outstretched unseen.

Time and tide don't wait

But still you hesitate.