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Lumps and Bumps


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Lumps and Bumps


Lumps and Bumps

Ed Hooke

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A duel, for 2 singers....   Love is a eulogised word, but it can become twisted and warped when insecurities of differing degrees lead to jealousy and possessiveness, sometimes to such an extent that the partner becomes the projected focus of self-loathing.

This song is based on a personal experience related to me by Gina P, an experience which sadly is not uncommon.


It isn't working.
Of course it's working.
It isn't working.
It's time to finish now.
You said you loved me.
I thought I did once.
And you can just stop?  Well I can't.
Please see it's over.
It's hardly started.
Let's make the break
build separate lives anew.
It's my heart you break.
I don't want to hurt you.
It's a funny way to show it then.

Clouds seem to be spiralling.
You're  trapped in here.
Dense, swirling & spiralling.
You're trapped in here.
We seem to be spiralling.
You're trapped in here.
Dense, swirling & spiralling
We're trapped in here.

Please see this is the best way.
I'll make sure that you are hurt too.

Whose bed do you sleep in?
There's no-one else yet.
What do you mean "yet"?
You know you are mine.
I've said it's over.
I won't accept that.
Please listen to me.
How can I get through?
Just say you love me.

Try to think of fish & pebbles.
Chase black clouds.
Please don't become one.
Menacing, enveloping.
Stop dragging us both down
while you can
I have made you my foundations.
You withdraw.
I tumble down.
If I can't have you,
no-one else can.
I'll end it all if that's what you want.
I try to help you.
I see you need help.
You throw it back,
twisting everything around.
You say you blame me.
Well, maybe you're right.
I just wish you would listen
and try to understand.
Look what you do to me.
See how I'm dying and it's your fault.
It's all your fault.  
You're cruel and callous.
You don't care for me.
You're just a slut.
Where are my friends?
I gave them up for you.
Are you enjoying my destruction, are you?
I must now escape the storm.
The rain falls hard.
 I'm soaked right through.
I must get dry and so must you.
Your future waits for you to decide
Where do I go?  There's nowhere.
The world's your oyster.
Mine's a clam.
Where you go must be where I am.
You're mine to hate, to haunt, to hang from.

Clouds seem to be spiralling deeper.
You're trapped in here.
Dense, swirling & spiralling deeper
You're trapped in here.
We seem to be spiralling deeper.
You're trapped in here.
Dense, swirling & spiralling deeper.
We're trapped in here.