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The Futher Sermons of Father McKenzie


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The Further Sermons of Father McKenzie

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On 23 June 2016, 52% of those who voted in a referendum in the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union, the so-called “Brexit.”

In the history of humankind, wiser decisions have been taken.


The Day of the Stupids

It happened on a rainy summer’s day.
The low-paid voted to get lower pay.
Charities voted for a life more cruel.
Motorists asked for more expensive fuel.

Food shoppers voted to pay more for food.
Savers in pounds wanted pounds devalued.
Car makers voted against cars being made
and traders voted for restricted trade.

Buffoon Boris and Michael Git

promised hope and glory but delivered shit;
a bleaker future for all our kids.
The Day of the Stupids.

Expel those who do work no-one wants to do.

Free yourself from human rights that protect you.
Slaves to borrowing choose increased national debt.

The turkeys’ vote for christmas will be next, you bet.

Spite your face with more than nasal pain.
You think xenophobia makes us great again?
Looks like the Scots will soon go their own way.
Will Irish troubles come back into play?

Who will you blame since your vote blighted

a kingdom now left thoroughly disunited?
Do you think that you will be thanked by your kids
for the Day of the Stupids?

Depart from a noble if imperfect cause
that promotes unity and has avoided wars.
How can you be forgiven by the future’s kids
for the Day of the Stupids?