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The Futher Sermons of Father McKenzie


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Attachment, Separation
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(part 493)

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The Further Sermons of Father McKenzie

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The Further Sermons of Father McKenzie 06 Attachment, Separation & Loss (part 493).mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   February 2017
Date of Recording/Copyright:    February 2017

This beautifully horrendous splurge of noise is dedicated with respect & gratitude to Konrad Lorenz (particularly the 2nd line),  John Bowlby & Robyn Skinner for their development, expansion, propagation & explanations of Attachment Theory.  Lorenz’s pioneering work on imprinting in newborn geese heavily influenced Bowlby who studied and wrote about human infants in his trilogy “Attachment”, “Separation” and “Loss”. Robyn Skinner was a practising psychotherapist who, together with one of his ‘patients’, the comedian, writer & actor John Cleese, wrote “Families and How To Survive Them” and “Life and How to Survive It”.

The “part 493” subtitle is a recognition that this may not  exactly be the first time that I have attempted to address issues in this area.

Attachment, Separation & Loss
(part 493)

Suddenly I exist.
Follow that!  It moves!
Feed me!  Feed me!
What am I supposed to do?
Teach me.  Lead me.
I want to stay alive

and I depend utterly & completely upon you.

Where did you go?
Where have you gone?
I can’t find you anywhere.
I’ve looked.  I’ve looked.  I’ve looked.
I’ve looked everywhere.

What am I going to do now?

How am I supposed to cope?

- to survive here on my own?

I am cut adrift

- cast to the winds.
Part of me has died

- a part deep, deep inside.

I cry.  I sob.  I weep.  I bawl.  I scream.

I’m so scared.  I’m so angry

- seething with this raging fury towards you.

Attachment, separation and loss.