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The Futher Sermons of Father McKenzie


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The Further Sermons of Father McKenzie

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Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   June 2016
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2016

Many adherents of 2 of the so-called ‘Abrahamic’ religions (Moses tried to improve authenticity by linking his religion back to previous generations) insist on intrusively trying to persuade others to join their ideological clubs and it’s bloody annoying.  Ancient political movements based upon fear and  superstition and which use indoctrination to root themselves deeply into the psyche of dependent children should have no place in a modern, civilised world but they continue to hang on like leeches.

If Moses existed and if he led anyone out of Egypt (there is no corroborative evidence for either), he was probably an Egyptian.  The bulrushes story had been used in earlier traditions (i.e. different religions), as had the ‘garden of Eden’ creation story and the story of the flood (the latter 2 in the Sumerian ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’).  If Jesus existed (the only surviving version of the only contemporaneous account of him, by Josephus, was edited by christians) he was probably a failed sun-god-imitating rebel leader following the example of Mithras (hence ‘rising’ again at Ishtar’s spring festival of birth/rebirth); the bible says that he was tried by the Romans for ‘sedition’.  Muhammad attempted to steal the Judaeic tradition for his own vengeful political purposes.

As an aside, the concepts of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ appear to originate from Zoroastrianism.  They do not appear in the Bible prior to the book of Daniel, during a time when the Israelites were held in captivity in Babylon.  Zoroastrianism was practised in Babylon.

Come on!  Come on!
Let’s deal with your intrusion.

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Come on!  Come on!  Pay attention!
God's his own father and 3 in one.
He sent himself as a virgin's son.
To save us from himself he died.
New terms and conditions then applied.

Say “sorry” telepathically
and from your sins you shall be free
and never mind those harmed by you.
They’ll go to hell if they don't say “sorry” too.

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A murderer from Egypt,  

exiled, on the run from jail

became the new leader to hail,

used an old bulrush fairytale

because that was the only way
he could fake linked DNA.

He was the only one who'd dare
approach the strange volcanic flare.
It looked like a bush aflame
and it said “I am” was its name.

It said “to kill & steal are banned
so kill & steal the promised land.
You are righteous, so I feel
because you do not kill or steal
apart from when you do”.

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The god of the gaps is just superstitious crap.
Saying ignorance is proof - can't get absurder.

Don’t you think it’s odd how your psychopathic god

switches swiftly between favour and mass murder?

Same puppet, new name, with a different puppeteer

claiming whispers in his ear,

telling him to rule by fear,

to seek vengeance righteously,

killing all who disagree.

He told the truth.  How do we know?

Because, with threats, he told us so.

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Theology arose to weave the emperor new clothes,

with careful exegesis wallpaper

with an evidence base from a semi-literate warrior race

and deceptions cloaked in volcanic vapour.

Let's talk of Gilgamesh for a break;
the first man and woman and a naughty snake.
A god got angry and wanted blood
so he drowned everybody in a mighty flood.
Gilgamesh.  Gilgamesh!  
Ishtar!  Goddess of love and sex.
Spring fertility with your eggs.  Ishtar eggs!  Ishtar eggs!

Your saviour shuts your door in Matthew 15:24.
There's no room for gentiles in heaven.
Allah punishes those whose “crimes” he did himself impose.
(Quran chapter 2 verse(s) 6 to 7)

You drone on and on - a pre-programmed automaton.

You witter without end and without hearing.

Keep your lips zipped.  Spew no more your spurious script.

Discover real life, delusions disappearing.

Preach vacuous and vile.

Look sincere with your smug smile,
painting pretty revisions of the putrid.

Fools are misled;
huge rewards promised once you're dead.

What animals could be so selfish and so stupid?