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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species Percy & Joe.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   September 2014
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2014

Inspired by breakfast at the Inwangsan Hotel, Makati City, Manila, Philippines

Percy & Joe

Percy was a jolly fat piglet,

squealing loud though not so big yet

suckling at his mother’s teat

- a sibling stampede at her feet

A butcher’s van took him one day

for gentle slaughter far away.

They chopped him up, back, ribs and legs.

He was fried to a cinder and served with scrambled eggs.

Welcome to Joe’s cafe

for a small range of fried fatty foods with coffee every day.

Heartily clog arteries.  We serve you with a smile.

Make your cardiology appointment meanwhile.

Happy years of mud bath fun

the stench of urine in the sun

exchanging smiles with sweet sow Sue

who looked like a bucket and smelt like poo.

“That’s super quirky.  Also sad for the piggie.”

              [Alakananda, Kolkata, India]