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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species

Composer:   The Profit Motive
Date of Composition:   January 2015
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2015

Just because it’s a delusion, that doesn’t mean it’s not true and you can’t prove it’s not.

                   The Holy Book of the   
  Invisible Friend

1.1)     I have an Invisible Friend.  You should meet Him too.
1.2)     He’s very big and clever because He made me and you.
1.3)     He made birds and trees and flowers.  In fact He made everything.
1.4)     He says you must bow down to Him and I should be the king.

2.1)     You really should be careful  ‘cause my Friend is very strong.
2.2)     You must not say that He’s not real.  That would be bad and wrong.
2.3)     He says, because I am His friend, your land belongs to me.
2.4)     He says people should smash your face in if you disagree.

3.1)     Generously we’ll teach your children in His special schools
3.2)     so they can learn the things He says and follow all His rules
3.3)     and then, if after all this help, they choose to turn away
3.4)     our duty is to kill them, ‘cause that’s simply not OK.

4.1)     Except when jealous, angry, bullying or upset, He brings joy.
4.2)     He loves all children equally unless you’re not a boy.
4.3)     He gives us all free will though He’s already set our fates.
4.4)     He protects us against some of the great problems He creates.

5.1)     Oh I’ve got an Invisible Friend.
5.2)     He is big and He is clever.
5.3)     He’ll see me through to my end.
5.4)     I’m going to stick with Him forever.

“Laughed and loved it.”

               [Nadia, Chittagong]