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Endangering Species

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To E-Utopia

Endangering Species 14 Passage to E-Utopia.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   March 2016
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2016


Sir Thomas More coined the term “Utopia” for his 1516 book, describing a seemingly perfect (but fictional) island society in the Atlantic Ocean.  Playing with Greek homophones, ‘Utopia’ actually means “No Place(s)” but sounds the same as “Eu-topia” meaning “good place(s)”.

The hyphen has been moved for “Passage to E-Utopia” for the purposes of this song, with “E-U” representing the European Union, seen as a Utopian destination by hundreds of thousands of migrants in 2016.

Passage to E-Utopia

Sun scorches down onto our backs.
Scrape subsistence off beaten tracks.

Dry rainy seasons.  Stomachs forget.
God is merciful, but just not quite yet.

We leave our homes,
trudge many a day
beyond harsh horizons
to seek new hope
much pain away
beyond harsh horizons

In tiny boats we ride the waves
on Death’s dark ocean.  Pray God saves.
God willing reach that foreign shore
where open arms welcome the poor
to E-Utopia.

Barrel bombs rain from overhead.
Scrape subsistence.  Bury the dead.

Buildings exploding.  Stomachs forget.
God is merciful, but just not quite yet.

Someone said that their favourite part of this song was the trumpets.

There are no trumpets in this song.