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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species All Lost At Sea.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   October 2014 - February 2015
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2015

Loss and self-blame

All Lost At Sea

How can I forget it? - the thick acrid burning odour

- perhaps rubber or fuel?  I don’t know.

Smoke billowing choking starlight out and singeing my throat.

Darkness bouncing flooded with sound.

Shrill far too close screaming and shouts

tangling with my own.

The new dawn in shock greets strewn carnage’s grim aftermath.

A soundtrack of soft lapping waves.

Midst floundering flotsam, truth sinks in with nausea’s rise.

No safe haven for these sore eyes.

Invisible fingers point out

the guilty survivor.

Time heals like a razor.  Time flies like a dead octopus.

Drifting, tossed about by the swell.

Surrounded by water.  Consumed by thirst.  Nothing to drink.

Defiantly float heavy weight.

Remorse, regret, shackled with shame,

the rescuer who failed to rescue (you).

All lost at sea.

All lost at sea.

Yes, then I knew terror, flailing in wild desperation.

Engulfing panic, sheer chaos.

I’m not proud to say it.  I flinch, even retch, to recall

- a hero in nobody’s eyes.

I could have done so much more.

You reached out to me but ...