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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species 12 The Fish Tickler.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   August 2015
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2015


The perils of hormones.

The Fish Tickler

Process this procession in process still.
A tickle to trick all?  or a treat?  Can she be so unaware?
With waif-like wonder, ignorant of issuing invitation.
She drops to draw on her desires - then discards.

Behold her hypnotise these watery spies.
None tries to prise their eyes away.
While each heart dangles from the spangles and the jangles of her bangles.
she smiles, she angles and she reels them in.

Sparkle and shimmer.
Flit.  Flash.  Float.
She gaily glides, an apparition above the straining stream.
Curious crowds quickly coalesce in dazzled droves.

The huntress hunts her hunters.
She waits and baits their restless breath.
A detached delusion on demand?  A dainty dance for doting devotees.
Their nurtured needs, her knitted net, with which she reels them in.

Immune, indignant, I inveigh against this Venus of light wrap.
Exultant, expertly to expose her thin vain veiled translucency.
Slightly unbalanced by her balmy bashful beauteous gaze - but no!  I shall not be deceived.
Velvetly valuing my valiance in vain - and astute advice.

Demurely she demurs not even once.
Instead her tremulous and vulnerable I now see.  She too seems to see me.
Suddenly self-censorious, sent crumbling my crass crusade.
A fool, I fail, fall, feel her reel me in.