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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species 13 Organism.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   February 2016
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2016


All human life is here?


I’m not a mineral and
I’m not a vegetable.
I am an organism.
I am an animal.

Politics means allegiance.
Thus power is accrued.
Control of resource access
- territory, water, food.

Charlatan prophets speak for
god puppets - power tools.
To hell with your religion,
- delusions where fear rules.

I am an organism.
I am an animal.
I am an assemblage of
more than one molecule.

When new-born I am helpless.
I cry, scream, poo and pee.
But I look cute so others
want to look after me.

Digest food in my stomach.
Blood squirts round from my heart.
I exchange various gases.
I breathe.  I belch.  I fart.

The urge for reproduction
serves to maintain the race.
Engage in copulation.
Out pops another face.

Start.  Grow.  Thrive.  Fade.  Die.
From nothing to something then back to nothing.

Eat other organisms.
Still others attack me.
Life is a competition.
We play perilously.

Families and tribes and flocks form.
For safety we’re possessed.
We feel closest to those who
happen to be closest.