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Endangering Species 03 Missing (H370).mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition:   March 2014
Date of Recording/Copyright:    2014

On Saturday 8th March 2014, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur heading towards Beijing.  A few hours later it disappeared and despite a huge international search, it remains missing and unaccounted for.  The last message from the pilots to air traffic control at Kuala Lumpur was widely reported to be “Alright. Goodnight.” although later reports contradicted this.

Much wordplay in this song.  ‘Missing a flight’ is ambiguous as is ‘bar bridge’.  Look out for ‘into thin air’, disappearing from the face of the Earth, a ‘needle in a haystack’ and a ‘wild goose chase’, for example.

This song is dedicated, with respect, to all those affected.

Missing (MH370)

Missing a flight.

Whereabouts thus unknown.

Missing signals.

Whither have your wings flown?

Rain ramped & wrinkled, crushed by wiping blades.

Bar bridge, believing Beijing-bound.

Mist massages the plastic porthole panes.

Missed messages evade the ground.

Enter air thin.

Mystified from Earth’s face.

Need all the haste;

Act out this wild clues chase.

Contrails of hope fluff, puff, evaporate.

Far flew and fell the fated flight.

Harsh, clutched, obscured by strange & distant waves.

KL farewell.  Alright.  Goodnight.