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Endangering Species


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Endangering Species

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Endangering Species

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition: 2013  
Date of Recording/Copyright:  not recorded - too awful

Is there still life?

Still Life?

Beneath the faintly functioning lamp thus faintly illuminated
lonely shoulders hunched towards the screen
flanked by empty bowls which cradled once fresh apples and bananas,
it’s indiscernible if respiration remains generated.

Is there still life?

While recalling vows of health and sickness and the time to part
she clasps her husband’s limp hand in her own.
Motionless she views decades, a shuttered mind’s eye slide-show which
she aches to share with him once more but steadfastly his eyes remain closed

Is there still life?

Silence grips the bunker where the few select their refuge took.
Bizarre this grim welcome to their new home.
Expressions on gaunt faces without words scream out “what have we done?”
“At what price our survival?”  “What discoveries await us without?”

Is there still life?