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The Incomplete Cacophony


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 The Incomplete Cacophony 

 The Incomplete Cacophony

Ed Hooke

Date of
February-March 2012

Date of

Striding, six inches off the ground.

Effortless, free from pain.

Soaring high, dwarfing trees below.

Flying dreams once again.

Dreams again.

Long past is midnight.

Hours endure yet until the day.

Fresh wakened eyes fight

slumber's entreaties away.

Rise now. Make good speed.

Charcoal and hood swiftly adorn.

Cloaked for this task's need,

camouflage creatures are born.

Vague forms assembling,

muttering voices, words are few.

Hidden hearts trembling

ruthlessly fears veiled from view.

Leather set creaking,

wooden clunks, softly, metals chime.

Sounds without speaking

signal that now is the time.

Turn not back. Look ever forward.

Grasp the nettle.

Nocturnal Howls Surface

A short story of dark, changing  times.  An ancient tale with modern resonances.

This is a thinly veiled allegorical piece of social commentary on the trials and tribulations of one of the United Kingdom’s great institutions, the National Health Service.

Attuning vision

picks out our tight tenebrous track.

Dim imprecision.

Mantle of murk, shades of black.

Dull, glistening hoar frost

scattered twigs yet unsnapped too lurk.

Clearings and streams crossed

threaten our clandestine work.

Vigilance of victim vipers.

Nerves of tinder.

So to the hillside…

Close ahead now the scene below.

Dark passion, our guide

simmers to soon overflow.

Here shall stand gravestones,

tombs empty yet, tomorrow filled.

Inscribed o'er fresh bones

names that the gods will have willed.

Past the point of no return now.

Be with us, Fates!

Words have failed.   Our world must burn now.

Daybreak awaits.

"Your music still gives me that wonderful feeling of other worlds and possible ways of  living - and that's good!"

                  [John 'Twizzle' Simmons 2012]