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The Incomplete Cacophony


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 The Incomplete Cacophony 

 The Incomplete Cacophony
07 ShallRunAgain.mp3


Ed Hooke

Date of
July 2011

Date of

Backing Vocals:

Fresh field breezes flail our hair.

Breathless career down hillsides.

Streams glint in the sunshine,

smiles & gurgles.

Stumble over mountain slopes.

These precious days!

Always stay we eyes open.

If the storm clouds once more visit

we shall run again.

Shall Run Again

Humble food gratefully eaten.

Wash worn plates.

Sing we, unpolished yet warm chorus,

torchlight dancers.

Sleep we knowing sentries keep

watch through tense night.

Always stay we ears open.

If the soldiers once more visit

we shall run again.

Many children around the world play and grow amidst the aftermath of natural or manmade disasters.  I thank Gordana Gajsar of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and Nojit of Mindanao, the Philippines for their inspiring childhood tales.


This page has had more visits from Slovenia than  any other on this website.

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The Challenge
To write a singalong song that’s impossible to sing-along to.