This is the first ongoing English transcription of the translucent wisdom
held within the pages of the ancient Indonesian mystical book .....



Kitap Lingkaran Pemisahan



......whose title may be loosely and largely inaccurately translated into English as
"the book of helpful opinions"




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For our kind, eyes are located at the front of the head.  Our view is thus determined by the position of our heads.  Conversely, our head position is also determined by the view.

Thus, how we see depends on which direction we are looking in.  Furthermore, how we are seen depends from which direction we are looked at.

Awareness of these limitations can lead to a sense of humility and realism.

In seeking truth, allow it to find you instead.  Maybe it's just behind you.  Maybe it's already inside you.

Truth is often unclear, frequently non-linear, on many occasions apparently paradoxical, sometimes subject to change.  Although yearned & striven for, much of the time, on its arrival, it is unwelcome.

In some quarters, body, mind and spirit are seen as separate.  This perspective is tremendously helpful if the aim is to risk completely missing the point.  When you are worried, can you not feel it within your body?  When you are happy, can it not be seen in the way you hold yourself?

One should always be cautious about using the words 'always' and 'never'.  It's not that they are never helpful; it's just that they are often misleading.

Sometimes we travel backwards to our destination.  Arriving can then be something of a surprise.  More usually arriving at our destination depends on which direction we're looking in, and our view of the journey.  'Cannot' is rarely the most effective mode of transport.

The more time we spend looking forwards with enthusiastic yet careful forethought to embrace the future, the less time we have to spend looking backwards with regret.

How much I regret spending so much time focused on regretting things!

Choose the inevitable.

It's possible to say the same thing in 10,000 different ways and still fail to convey the point.  Failure to convey the point may be achieved in 10,000 or more different ways.  There are more than 10,000 different ways…….

If you find you are too close, step well back.  Without the freedom of choice to leave, there is no freedom of choice to stay.

 Boredom is a privilege of the spoilt.

If something doesn't work, maybe it's just that we're looking at it in the wrong way.  If something does work, maybe it's just that we're looking at it in the wrong way.

If reality does not match up to our expectations, we are disappointed.  What if we have no expectations?

A good listener?  It is not impossible to listen when you are talking at the same time, but it is more difficult.  It is a skill which can be learned & developed, but this process usually requires considerable motivation.

The value we attach to something is a reflection of our own value.

Each finger you point points three at you.
You don't see them - but we do.

Luck depends on how you look at it.  The universe moves in ways which are probably impossible for us to understand yet we try to make sense of them.  If a person stands and looks up into the sky, sooner or later a crowd will gather around them to look in the same direction, convinced that there must be something significant there.  Those who look into the sky are sometimes called prophets.

The way one manages waiting can be very revealing.  There are, for example: those who ignore queues & the sensitivities of others; those who fret & worry; those who enjoy the opportunity to relax or observe.

One should be cautious with someone who fails to distinguish consistently between fact, faith and opinion: they may thus see their opinions as strong.  Therein also lies their weakness.  That is my opinion.

Those who claim to know the truth are often also well versed in what is not the truth.

Being right is not enough.


.Time will tell - possibly.