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The Separation Circle are proud to announce the completion of "Disappearing Ground", the first song of a new collection to be called "Endangering Species" and (dare we say it?) a work of tremendous beauty.

30th May 2013    BEHIND THE NOISE
The song which completes "The Incomplete Cacophony" (possibly) has been completed - perhaps - and it's called "Behind The Noise".

23 April 2013    STEPS SMALL (Auto-Exhibit)
The Separation Circle continue to churn out stuff and the latest cacophonous concoction is "Steps Small (Auto-Exhibit)".  What does it all mean?

26 February 2013    TOWARDS INDIA GATE
The Separation Circle have now completed the song "Towards India Gate", describing shocking events in Delhi which at last made a nation sit up and consider its treatment of women.

13th October 2012    SPACE TRAVEL BACKWARDS
In these times of despondency and despair, what we all surely need is an upbeat and cheerful sing-a-long song to raise our spirits.  The Separation Circle are therefore proud to unveil "Space Travel Backwards" which does exactly what it says on the tin.  NB No tin included.

20 August 2012    NEW WORLD RECORD
The Separation Circle has smashed the world record for the world's longest ever songtitle with the newly released "An Airport, A Harbour And The Wandering Journeyman On The Other Side Of The Horse".  .It would of course look even longer if we used a larger font.

4 June 2012    JUBILEE?
To mark 9 years since something  happened which was completely unrelated to the Jubilee, the Separation Circle has released surely one of the most horrible songs ever, named "A Tale of Nearly".  Whatever you do, do NOT listen to it by clicking here. 



The Separation Circle are proud to announce the completion of one of the ugliest, bang bang wallop thump slices of alleged music to have been produced for quite some time.  It's called "Nocturnal Howls Surface" and it's bloody amazing.  You might ask what exactly the rather strange title means, but whether you'd get a coherent answer is debatable.  Nocturnal means 'at or pertaining to night', 'howls' are loud sounds of pain or displeasure, and 'surface' could be a noun (the visible top layer or something) or a verb (meaning to become detectable  by movement in an upward direction).  The words of the verses are written in a strict metre and rhyme pattern.  Magnificent.

22 October 2011    STILL OCTOBER
Things are moving!  Upwards, downwards, left, right, backwards and forwards, sometimes even diagonally.  Erosion is complete and available.  The long delayed but imminently magnificent 'No Windows' has experienced some encouraging positive lurches in the vague direction of completion, while the no less magnificent but hopefully more rapidly gestating 'Must Be The Seat' looks set to hit the webwaves in early November.  Rumours that the delays to 'No Windows' have been caused by the tempestuous temperament of the song's lead vocalist, Princess Nojit, have been strenuously denied by a spokesperson for the Separation Circle who then went on to say that the rumours could well be true.

4 October 2011    OCTOBER
"Yesterday's News", a throw-back to a time of 3 piece guitar pop bands, was recorded 2 or 3 months ago, a mere 17 or 18 years after it was written.  A more recent composition "Erosion" is currently being mixed and may be released in the next few weeks if we can be bothered.

After only 20 months of gestation, the eagerly anticipated "Forbidden" has finally been completed - or so we believe.  Amazingly on the same day, the Separation Circle's 2nd cover version in the last 10 years or so has also been polished off.  "Waiata Poi" is a 107 year old song about even older Maori traditional dances.  Both songs have been described as "quite nice, I suppose" by Great Aunt Mildew.

23 January 2011    WHERE BRICK FIELDS LAY
The astonishingly sublime "Where Brick Fields Lay" is now available for public perusal.  The "Brick Fields" were an area of partly overgrown waste land, the site of a former brick factory and an allegedly "bombed building" lying between Copsewood Road & Dimond Road in Bitterne Park, Southampton, England., and were an incidental adventure playground for neighbouring children and community recreational area during the 1960s and early 1970s until they were flattened and redeveloped to become a school field for Bitterne Park Comprehensive School.

17 January 2011    UPDATES
It would be true to say that this is not the best updated news page.  The fact that there have been no entries here for just over a year doesn't necessarily mean that nothing has been happening in that 'just over a year'.  While for part of the just over a year, in fact, not much did happen, at other times things did.  In fact recent months have been relatively frenetic with Whither Now? written, recorded and given a budget video to boot, work being taken forward apace at last on the arrangements & recording of "Forbidden", a song penned for Nojit called "No Windows" (which she is diligently practising) as well as a thrown-together nostalgic composition called "Where Brick Fields Lay".  Together these 4 songs form the embryo of the new song collection "The Incomplete Cacophony", a name chosen to summarise the subtle and dulcet harmonies to be expected of the Separation Circle stable.

24th December 2009    BAD TUNE MEN REUNION GIG
At last the secret can be revealed - after the event.  A one-off Bad Tune Men reunion gig took place on 18th December 2009 in front of an invited captive audience on the borders of Hampshire & Surrey.  So secret was the event that guitarist Mr Creepy was not informed until less than 2 hours beforehand, partly out of fears that he would try to escape.  Many of Bad Tune Men's most popular songs, such as "Credo", "First Sight", "The Cage, "4C" and "Happy Life" were omitted from the set but nevertheless a good time was had by all those supplied with earplugs.  A new, worse than  usual, specially commissioned song entitled "Not Dead Yet" was unveiled to hapless audience at this magical, star-studded event.

Two new Separation Circle songs are now online for the first time.  The long-awaited "Harlow's Monkey" has undergone a series of remixes while "Hesitate" appears to have worked out well in its first mix.  Neither song is exactly a typical Separation Circle song, if there is such a thing, although both feature the usual horrible vocals.    "Harlow's Monkey" is rattling rhythm guitar-based, while the bouncy rhythm of  "Hesitate" is heavily drum-based. The strange introduction to "Harlow's Monkey" has already been on the internet for more than a year, featured as it is in "The Ultimate Guide to Birds".  Listen to "Hesitate" by clicking here or to "Harlow's Monkey" by clicking  here.

The Separation Circle's longstanding and consistent support for Hartlepool United Football Club is of course well known.  It has been seen fitting at this time to compose, record and release the rousing new unofficial anthem "Victoria!" to celebrate and inspire fans, players and other staff of Hartlepool United alike.  Hear the song and watch the video here.

24th October 2009    TOP SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT 
A top secret announcment has been announced.  However, since it is top secret, we can't announce it here - well, not just yet.  In fact, so top secret is this announcement that it was unfortunately kept secret from some of the people to whom it really ought to have been announced first even after it had been secretly announced to certain other people.  More will be revealed - but not just yet..

Yeah I know.  Once again this page has been a bit quiet for a while.  That doesn't mean that nothing has been happening though.  OK, for quite some time nothing much DID happen, but things have been brewing for the last month or so.  A strange new love song has been written, entitled "Forbidden", and work will be starting soon on the arrangements and recording.  The recording and mixing of "Harlow's Monkey" is almost finished now; after 1 or 2 more remixes it should be unleashed on a generally disinterested world (their loss if they don't hear it!).  Most significantly for avid readers of this page now though (because it's about something you can actually access) is the release of the absolutely brilliant if audio-visually overwhelming "Miss Japan?" video.  It's simply mindblowing.  If you would like to have a gale force battering of your mind, dare to click here to watch it!

23 January 2009    "EASTWARD FROM KRAKATOA (Parahyangan)" VIDEO RELEASE
A slightly belated  happy new year gift to the world has arrived in the form of the latest Separation Circle video and I have to say it's bloody fantastic!  Click here to see it now.

30th December 2008    GENERAL UPDATE
OK, OK.  This page hasn't been kept as up-to-date as it might have been.  To make up for that, here's a summary of some of the exciting things which have happened in the last 7 months.  The 4th Separation Circle video was released in July, and is viewable both on this site and on YouTube.  It's for the global warming carol "Glass Bubble Home" and if you haven't seen it yet, why not have a look now while there's still time?  Work was finished a few months later on the sequel song (though without a video), "We Used to Fly  (Don't Mention Its Name)" and not long afterwards "(Not Bad for a) Shy Boy Lost" was completed.  The end of the year saw frantic activity to bring to near completion 2 further songs for the "Lumps and Bumps" collection, "Friend of Disposed Bathwater" and "Eastward from Krakatoa (Parahyangan)", shortly after the Separation Circle organisation had vacated the dilapidated and crumbling Cassandra Palace, its headquarters for the previous 14 years - and not before time.  A new and slightly more spacious and modern home has been found in the semi-wild lands Eastward of London (rather than Krakatoa).

"Cloud" from the "Lumps and Bumps" song collection has been given a visual treatment.  This is the last planned video from the Separation Circle for the forseeable future.  Here's the link..

The second and presumed final mix has been completed on "The Space Between the Stars", the first entirely new Separation Circle song in over a year (since "My Name is Ana").  Work is continuing on a number of other songs, including "Any More?", which has been knocking around for 15 years or so, and the more recent "The Pizza Song" as well as an as yet unconfirmed cover version.

19th April 2008    IT''S ANOTHER BLOODY VIDEO!
Yes, another Separation Circle video has been unleashed on the world.  The song featured this time is 'Kite' from the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" song collection.  It's rather good.  Watch it by clicking on this link.

10th December 2007    CLOUD  
The first mix has been completed on the second song in the "Lumps & Bumps" song collection, a duel named "Cloud".  The song features the Separation Circle's new mystery member sharing lead vocals in a melange of murkily mixed messes.  If you'd like to hear how the new song sounds, you can't.  Click on the following link and nothing will happen.   http://www.nothingwillhappenifyouclickhere.com

The first ever video made by the Separation Circle has been almost instantaneously been made available to the world.  Strictly speaking, it's a sequence of photographs set to music rather than a video, but who cares?  It's good stuff!  The music in question is the English version of the cover version of the "Aap Jaisa Koi" and it can be viewed by clicking the following link:  show me the bloody video

22nd April 2007    Who's that girl (2)?
As from May 2007, for the first time in its history, the Separation Circle is due to expand to include a new, permanent band member.  Little is currently being made public about this new recruit except that she is female and has a tendency to have her photo taken while hanging around in car parks.  Watch this space for further lack of clarification.

21st April 2007    DOUBLE RELEASE? - Not exactly....
More ardent observers of the Separation Circle will have noted that the reported release of 2 song collections in January turned out to be a release of only one, the nevertheless amazingly amazing "Let's Go Fly a Kite".  The delay to the release of  "Emerging into the Brightness of the Day"  is ongoing but it is hoped that a resolution will be achieved in the next month or 2.  Once again, this space should be watched closely, just to see whether paint drying IS more interesting.

28th January 2007    STUNNING NEW SONG RECORDED 
Recording of the Separation Circle's first song of 2007 has been completed and initial reports suggest that it is another simply stunning piece of work.  "My Name is Ana" is about living for the moment and tells a tale of childhood exuberance in the face of poverty.  This song does not appear on either of the just released song collections but will form the start of a new song collection provisionally entitled "Lumps & Bumps" which, judging by past experiences, can be expected to be released in 5-10 years' time.  The song can nevertheless be heard on this site or on the e myspace site: www.myspace.com/theseparationcircle 

26th January 2007    DOUBLE RELEASE  - Update
As predicated exclusively here a month ago, the 2 Separation Circle song collections "Emerging into the Brightness of the Day", and "Let's Go Fly a Kite" are now available to the public from a highly select range of outlets.  For details of how you can get hold of your own copies, contact  separationcircle@hotmail.com .

15th January 2007    THE SEPARATION CIRCLE & BAD TUNE MEN @ myspace.com
Both of The Separation Circle and Bad Tune Men have now joined Deep Fur & History of Fashion on MySpace.  Go to   www.myspace.com/theseparationcircle  and/or   www.myspace.com/badtunemen  to see for yourself!

7th January 2007    New ex-Bad Tune Man website
Mr Creepy has now set up a website for his History of Fashion project.  This means that all former Bad Tune Men now have an online presence, the others being Blob's Deep Fur myspace, and Ratty's Gumpf.Net

27th December 2006    DOUBLE RELEASE  
It now appears that the Separation Circle will be releasing not just one song collection, but two, in early 2007.  In addition to the long awaited epic "Emerging into the Brightness of the Day", a further disparate collection of Separation Circle works will be appearing under the title "Let's Go Fly a Kite".

December 2006 has seen the recording of 2 more songs for the "
Let's Go Fly a Kite" collection.  "I'd Forgotten Just How Beautiful You Are" recalls events in Bangladesh in the mid 1990s, while "Miss Japan?" reeks of more recent & darker events in South-East Asia.

18th December 2006    Who's that girl?
A number of visitors to this site have asked about the identity of the young woman whose silhouette greets you as you arrive at the site.  I can now exclusively reveal that it's not me.  

25th November 2006    GUMPF  
Yesterday was a cold damp Friday upon which I went to see Ratty's acoustic-electric neo-yokel ensemble Gumpf play sizzlingly to a completely packed house in darkest Sussex.  Gumpf (an acronym which does not stand for Gaseous Ugly Men Performing Fairytales) went on to perform a Christmas extravaganza event for a select, captive audience.  For more information, visit the Gumpf website

After a wait of only 13 years, the release of the song collection "Emerging into the Brightness of the Day" is now planned for January 2007.  Watch this space for further details. 

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