Lumps & Bumps



The Separation Circle





Lumps & Bumps

My Name is Ana

The Pizza Song

The Space Between the Stars


Glass Bubble Home

We Used to Fly
(Don't Mention Its Name)

(Not Bad for a)   Shy Boy Lost

Eastward from Krakatoa

Friend of Disposed Bathwater

 Any More?

Harlow's Monkey



Soak Through


The Pizza Song
Words & music by Ed Hooke, March 2007-March 2008   -    Ed Hooke 2008







This is a modernday romance.
It's through the internet he meets her.
Nothing is conventional
about the way he greets her.

When he sees her come online,
he calls out to her "Pizza!"
"I can't deliver that," she says,
"but I can show you my feet, sir."

Oh Jonita, what does this mean?
A tunnel's light?
The end in sight?
or another empty dream?

Oh Jonita, where have you been?
Through all these years
and all these tears
you've kept yourself unseen.