Let's  go  fly  a  kite!  

The Separation Circle




 Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

Aap Jaisa Koi

And You'll Be Like Clementine

A Social Conscience

Better Late Than Never?

Daddy's Girl Has Fallen Down

I'd Forgotten Just How Beautiful You Are


Miss Japan?

Neighbourhood Watch

One Out, One In

Out Of Your Shade

Step Into Twilight

You Are There

You Never Miss?

Miss Japan?
words & music Ed Hooke, 2003-2006    -    © Ed Hooke 2006     -     to KRN



The knight pauses to listen outside the castle.

Is that a damsel in distress he can hear?

How simple & straightforward these fairytales seem....... 


Behind a thick veneer of honour and sophistication
within a palace's façade
sometimes run corridors of darkness and intimidation
and forced unspoken sacrifice.
What lies within your walls?

Skeletons refusing to stay in closets suffer retribution
from the queen
and her man.
You showed me slit windows, echoed screams and an invitation
but so much remains unseen.
Miss Japan?


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