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Whither Now?


No Windows

Where Brick Fields Lay

Waiata Poi

Yesterday's News

Shall Run Again


Must Be The Seat

Nocturnal Howls Surface

A Tale of Nearly

 An Airport, a Harbour
& the Wandering Journeyman
on the Other Side of the Horse

Space Travel Backwards

Towards India Gate

Steps Small  (Auto-Exhibit) 

Behind The Noise

  No Windows
  I had originally thought of giving this
  song the apparently mainstream title   "The
  best love I've ever had" but in  the end I
  couldn't stomach the blandness.  Also I   feared that the irony would be lost on
  most.  Love comes in many shapes
  and forms.  Each to their own.

  Whither Now?
 "I've seen things; I've seen
 them with my eyes" -   including
 "Kuala Lumpur".    We have
 touched each other in ways
 unimaginable barely 20 years ago.

 A song about internetional
 adventures.....about how we can
 go everywhere but still not know
 where we are really going.

 By the way, the word  "internetional" was invented by  me (c) 2011

  Where Brick Fields Lay
  la recherche du temps perdu  (encore).
 Bittersweet childhood memories of a lost,  magical land which was once upon a time
 accessed  from the suburb of Bitterne
 Park in Southampton,  England.

 Yesterday's News
 Bye bye love.
 Goodbye happiness.
 Hello loneliness.......

 - after the breakdown of a  relationship, it's possible to  feel devalued or worthless......

 Shall Run Again
 The certainty of tomorrow is not a privilege  shared by all.  "Here today, tomorrow gone  from my transient existence......"  

  Waiata Poi
 A song that has travelled both around the   world and across the centuries, celebrating   the ancient traditional  Maori poi dances.

So what shall we say became of
 our love?  What  happened to
 the romantic  rollercoaster ride  that we climbed aboard some  time ago? 

 Must Be The Seat
 The mysteriously obvious joys of  physical attraction.  Phwoarrr!!!

The romantic claim  that "love conquers all"  is simply untrue.  We  can dream nonetheless.....

  Space Travel Backwards
Launched into space by the awesome  powers of  bereavement & loss, a scenario completely  misunderstood & powers underestimated by those  who advise that "you've just got to move on"........

 A Tale of Nearly
  A love story which almost  started and then nearly almost  started again....

 Nocturnal Howls Surface
  A short story of dark, changing  times.
  An ancient tale with modern resonances.

  The Noise
The wisdom of    the fool?

  Steps Small (Auto-Exhibit)
  There are of course many different   ways to look at things but usually   we don't see all of them......

  Towards India Gate
  In December 2012 a young woman in Delhi was   gang-raped   & later died as a result of injuries inflicted   on her.  This was   not an  unusual event in India, but it   prompted a tremendous   outcry with protests also more   generally about the   institutionalised degrading   treatment of women.
  Can India change?

    An Airport, a Harbour and the Wandering Journeyman on the Other Side of the Horse
The quality of a song is of course measured by the length of its title.  This is another photo-album, this time with   extended notes.  Another reference here to Kuala Lumpur, as well others to Nova Gorica, Sylhet, Tevfikiye...

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