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Aaj Kyon Humse Parda Hai   -   Mohammed Rafi & Balbir


About the weather   -   Magazine


Above the clouds     -     Electric Light Orchestra


Adorations     -     Killing Joke


After the goldrush     -     Prelude


And all the stars     -     Comsat Angels


Amoureuse     -     Kiki Dee


Atmosphere     -     Joy Division


Arabic     -     Gang of 4


Are you still there?     -     Şeyr


Arnald     -     Cardiacs


Ava adore     -     Smashing Pumpkins


Be back soon     -     Lionel Bart   (from the musical "Oliver!")


The blood of Eden     -     Peter Gabriel


Bombing the Russians     -     Bitter Lemmings


Bully for you     -     Tom Robinson Band


Butcher     -     Killing Joke


Calling You     -     Jevetta Steele


Chapter III     -     Killing Joke


Coldharbour Lane     -     Tom Robinson


Come home Billy Bird     -     The Divine Comedy


Come talk to me     -     Peter Gabriel



Comfortably numb     -     Pink Floyd



D-a-a-ance     -     The Lambrettas



Darkness before dawn     -     Killing Joke



Days     -     Kirsty MacColl



Days of rage     -     Tom Robinson Band



Dead souls     -     Joy Division



Dead - undead     -     Şeyr



Dear Elaine     -     Roy Wood



Dear John     -     Kirsty MacColl



December '63 (Oh what a night)     -     Four Seasons



Definitive Gaze     -     Magazine



A design for life     -     Manic Street Preachers



Dynamite     -     Mud



Eastward from Krakatoa (Parahyangan)     -     The Separation Circle



Edelweiss     -     Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer



Ek ladki ko dekha     -     Kumar Sanu



Emergency     -     999



Et bonjour à toi l'artiste     -     Nicole Rieu



Evergreen     -     Barbra Streisand



Everything must go     -     Manic Street Preachers



Fisherman's blues     -     The Waterboys



Foxy foxy     -     Mott the Hoople



Fly     -     The Jam



Foundling     -     Cardiacs



The ghost in you     -     Psychedelic Furs



A girl called Johnny     -    The Waterboys



Glass bubble home     -     The Separation Circle



God's away on business     -     Tom Waits



Goodbye to the village     -    Killing Joke



The green fields of France     -     The Men They Couldn't Hang



The Greylands     -     Jon Hunt



Hateful     -     The Clash



He 's on the beach     -     Kirsty MacColl



Hesitate     -     The Separation Circle



The history of the world part 1     -     The Damned



Hold on     -     Tom Waits



The hum     -     Killing Joke



I don't feel like dancing     -     Scissor Sisters



I don't wanna grow up     -     Tom Waits



I get a kick out of you     -     Gary Shearston



I hope you dance     -     Lee Ann Womack



Inbetween days     -     The Cure



Independence     -     Gang of 4



Innocence     -     Kirsty MacColl



It's history     -     Comsat Angels



It was cold     -     Ruts



I wanted your heart     -     Magazine



Jamaica     -     (Greek traditional)



January 13th     -     The Separation Circle



Jetuku shomoy tumi thako kache     -      



The killing moon     -     Echo & the Bunnymen



Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet     -     Friderika



Komm, süsser Tod     -     (End of Evangelion)



Krog     -     Bad Tune Men



The last farewell     -     Roger Whittaker



Let me be the one     -     The Shadows



Let's all go (to the fire dances)     -     Killing Joke



Let's go fly a kite     -     Glynis Johns & David Tomlinson



Let's go to bed     -     The Cure



Letter from America     -     The Proclaimers



Life, it's a shame     -     Gang of 4



Life on Mars?     -     David Bowie



Light years     -     Comsat Angels



The lines are down     -     Bad Tune Men



Lost continent     -     Comsat Angels



Love in the sun     -     The Glitter Band



Lucy     -     The Divine Comedy



Maid in heaven     -     Be Bop Deluxe



The man who sold the world     -     David Bowie



Me or you?     -     Killing Joke



Mercury     -     Comsat Angels (Dream Command)



Miss Japan?     -     The Separation Circle



My name is Ana     -     The Separation Circle



Nao Esperando     -     Kirsty MacColl



1967     -     Tom Robinson



Nothing Compares to you     -    Sinead O'Connor



One fine day     -     Sector 27



Our lips are sealed     -     Fun Boy 3



Pandora 's box     -     Procul Harum



A piece of my heart     -     Gang of 4



Plainsong     -     The Cure



Plan 7 channel 9     -     The Damned



Poor boy (The Greenwood)     -     Electric Light Orchestra



Postcard     -     Comsat Angels



Railway hotel     -     Mike Batt



Rocket     -     Mud



Ruby don't take your love to town     -     Kenny Rogers & the First Edition



Rudolf     -     Şeyr



Saturday gigs     -     Mott the Hoople



Secret world     -     Peter Gabriel



Sensation     -     The Motors



7 teen     -     The Regents



Silver lining     -     Gang of 4



Skyline pigeon     -     Elton John



Slipaway     -     Ultravox!



S S M O M     -     Games to Avoid



Summer (the first time)     -     Bobby Goldsboro



Survival     -     Yes



Surreal estate     -     Be Bop Deluxe



Sweet Gene Vincent     -     Ian Dury & the Blockheads



Sweet is the night     -     Electric Light Orchestra



Talk to the body     -     Magazine



There is no bright side     -     Cardiacs



They don 't know     -     Tracey Ullman



They 're coming to take me away ha haa!     -    Napoleon XIV



Thinking of you     -     The Colour Field



'39     -     Queen



Tomorrow     -     Durutti Column



Tonight tonight     -     Smashing Pumpkins



Ulfur     -     Şeyr



The upstairs room     -     The Cure



La vague à lames     -     Vanessa Paradis



Valley of the Nile     -     Comsat Angels



Villagers all     -     Jon Hunt



Vincent     -     Don MacLean



Waiata poi     -     Peter Dawson



Wasteland (Crusader '80)     -     Games to Avoid



We live as we dream, alone     -    Gang of 4



Wheel     -     Miranda Sex Garden



Where can we go tonight?     -    Sector 27



Whizz kid     -     Mott the Hoople



The whole world window     -     Cardiacs



Willow's song     -     Rachel Verney



Wish you were here     -     Pink Floyd



Woodstock     -     Joni Mitchell



Your daddy 's car     -     The Divine Comedy