The Incomplete Cacophony



The Separation Circle






The Incomplete Cacophony

Whither Now?


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Where Brick Fields Lay

Waiata Poi

Yesterday's News

Shall Run Again


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An Airport, A Harbour
and the Wandering Journeyman
on the Other Side of the Horse

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Towards India Gate

Steps Small

Behind the Noise

Whither Now?
Words & music by Ed Hooke, September 2010
  Ed Hooke 2010







Probe for a listening lobe.
Hoist mast around the globe.
Plot with hope to disrobe.
Knees knelt, needily hand-held hips.
Groans and grindings of passing ships.

Sucked hollow straw milk-shake
Plucked petals pink poise untucked.
Fickle fortune unlucked.
Moments stolen from burglars' homes.
Proudhon's property.  Perverse poems.

Earn caged bird electric burn.
Science watches it learn
not to punishment spurn.
Pain from pleasure.  Cold heart hot kissed.
Gain to measure.  Ignore point missed.

Call love how heads bang a wall.
Weep as defences fall.
Tragic prizes for all.
Blind chase shadows outside Troy's gates.
Back home Argos's welcome waits.

Whither now?
With her now?
Wither now?


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