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 Album:    Laughs,
Giraffes & Epitaphs

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Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition/Copyright:   1986
Date of Recording:    1994

Really this was a Bad Tune Men song, which BTM never got around to recording.  I am proud to say that this song features possibly the ugliest music I had ever written (up until that time, at least).

The words were inspired in part by a Sector 27 (Tom Robinson) B side, whose name I have long forgotten, about a ship-wreck.

A cross

on the map

marks the spot

- away from the main navigation.

Years have passed.

No visible monument

but the tip of the tall mast

at low tide.

Dwarfed by brine

- liquid mountains

- drenched

- cold world erupting

- blind panic

grey abandon ship a-hoisted up down.

Calm now.

Pleasure boats pass unawares

and they won't wake their neighbour.

No peace beneath still waters.

Time spins on.

Sharks eat your brains.

Compelled to haunt this ocean graveyard

I can't go on

yet can't escape.