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Peg, Picture Piece - The Square Pags:
 Some Answer & That Hammer;  Unfit!

11 Peg Picture Piece - the Square Pegs, Some Answer and That Hammer Unfit!.mp3

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition/Copyright:   1994
Date of Recording:    1994

On the emotional rebound after the break-up of my first significant long-term relationship, two of the women I chased (in vain) were Hannah (which rhymes with ‘banner’ wheras “Hammer” doesn’t) and Samantha (“Some Answer” - when pronounced with a suitable accent).

I like that peg.

I like its shape.

I like its colour

& the darkness shining in her eyes.

I like her hair, the way she moves,

her laughter and her smile but I admit:

this peg doesn't fit. 

 I like that picture.

It's a portrait of desire.

I like the brushwork

& she sets my loins on fire

but when I try to hang it on my wall

where once your sculpted image used to sit

I find it doesn't fit.

It doesn't fit the hole you left behind

in me the day we parted.

Yes we made the right decision

but that doesn't stop the pain.

And it doesn't make life easy

when a part of me is missing.

So I hunt the peg to fill the gap

to make me feel complete again. 

Peg, Picture, Piece - The Square Pegs: Some Answer & That Hammer; Unfit!
Peg, Picture, Piece - The Square Pegs: Some Answer & That Hammer; Unfit!

Who'll complete this jigsaw?

That's the question on my banner.

But I can't get Some Answer here

& never mind how much I try that Hammer.

I pick the pretty patterned ones

and try them one by one but bit by bit

I find that they don't fit. 

It won't be the piece that left the gap.

You used to fill the hoLe in well and fit.

But we've both changed now.