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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day
Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


I Am Alone

In Search of Cassandra, Princess of Troy

Summer Solstice Song


My City Has Been
Burned To The Ground

Wedding Hymn

January 13th

Another Mad Message

Time To Go Home

Dark Shine

10 Time To Go Home.mp3

Time To Go Home

Music:  Maria Bird 1955
  Maria Bird 1955 & Ed Hooke 1995
Date of Recording:    2005

The music, title and opening lines are stolen from the closing theme of the 1960s children’s TV programme “Andy Pandy”, which starred a puppet of that name (along with Looby Loo & Teddy).

Ilium was another name for Troy. Scamander was one of the rivers which flowed nearby.

“The pain is over now” is a line from the Bad Tune Men song “Semi-detached”, written about dying.  “The vultures have flown” is a line from the Separation Circle song “Clocks, Cobwebs & Chalk”, written about what is left of a home long after those who lived there have ‘departed’.

The goodbyes in different languages (Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian) are here mainly because I love playing with different languages.

Time to go home.

Time to go home.

Once more to Ilium,

back to your home.

Güle güle.

Geia sou.



Hecate is calling you,

from over the sea

home to Scamander,

no more Mycenae.

The pain is over now.

The vultures have flown.