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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day
Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


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Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition/Copyright:   1994
Date of Recording:    2004

Little is known of Cassandra’s life before the siege of Troy apart from the different legends about how she acquired her prophetic powers.  In her novel “Cassandra, princess of Troy”, modernday author Hillary Bailey created a human love for Cassandra, a Phoenician merchant sailor named Arvad. Although their time together was brief and they spoke little of each other’s languages, they shared something special. I like to think that there were times during her reportedly tragic life when Cassandra did know happiness.

Güzelsin was writen with Bailey’s first meeting of Cassandra and Arvad in mind, simulating attempts at communication between 2 people when they can’t speak each other’s language very well.  Interestingly, in the years after I wrote Güzelsin, this was a situation I found myself in on several occasions.

“Güzelsin” is Turkish for “you are beautiful”.  Cassandra’s home of Troy was located in what is modernday Turkey.

You beautiful.

You move mighty good.

I want talk you.

Come, me walk with you.

Come walk with me.

Walk with me.


Want say many thing.

No have words enough.

I want much give.

Come, come give me you.

I give you me.

I give you me.