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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


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Emerging into the Brightness of the Day
Emerging into the Brightness of the Day


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Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition/Copyright:   1995
Date of Recording:    2005

“This is a gospel song without any god in it”
[Tom Robinson]

Yet another song which was challenging for me to write - even to allow myself to use the title & chorus line.  For much of my previous life, being alone seemed an admission of weakness and failure, and to admit it was unthinkable.  This song also features perhaps my first acknowledgement of having grown up with mental illness in the family.

I've been to places
where no tourists go.

& I've seen visions
that no eyes should know.

& I'm on the outside looking in.

& I can see - but I remain invisible.

So if I stay outside,
perhaps I'll bear the pain

& protect those I would love
from the demons that I contain.

I Am Alone

There is a wall that no-one can see.

No-one can feel it except for me.

& I'm on the outside reaching in.

But my hands cannot penetrate the wall.

I am alone.

I am alone.

I've shared my home with
Fear, Guilt and Shame.

& I've known Mad-
by its first name.

I am alone.