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And You’ll Be
Like Clementine

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And You’ll Be Like Clementine

Composer:   Ed Hooke
Date of Composition/Copyright:   1995
Date of Recording:    2002

The trauama of miscarriage.

Dedicated to Sarah H & famiily - and the memory of Alfie.

We knitted some clothes

but they'll never fit.

We made you a bed.

You'll never lie in it

& we sang "hush-a-bye baby"

but you never cried

& the mobile is immobile.

The nursery's unoccupied.

The sandcastles we dreamed of building

are washed out by the tide

& the dawn will never kiss your lips.

This child has died.

They tell me this pain

will ease given time

that soon I'll kiss your little sister

& you'll be like Clementine

but I can't forget the smiling face

that I've never seen.

Is this silence the epitaph

for whoever you might have been?

Oh how I've loved you.

How I love you still I'm left empty inside.

Now the world calls me to live again

but this child has died.

My child has died.