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These are days of gnashings of teeth, of burning candles at both ends, of chewing the cud.  At times such as these, it's good to know that The Separation Circle remains with us.



If you are big or small or have bits sticking out at odd angles, you too may find that the wisdom contained herein is indeed that which others who still have not discovered it truly do not yet know about.

 Echoes of yesterday preserved....

[ Clocks, Cobwebs & Chalk ]

All my life
has been made
for this day,
all my life.

All my life
I've prepared
for this time,
all my life.

[ Wedding Hymn ] 




 Somehow or other, sooner or later, in sickness or in health, the future will be with us and when it is, it will no longer be the future but the present and then very shortly after that it shall become the past, as sure as eggs is those things that came either before or after the chicken.  One thing is certain and that is uncertainty.  Please do not read the bits which come before this sentence.










If this website had not gone away, it would not have been able to come back.  So here it is again.  The same, yet different.  This is the way things are, or indeed, are not.













 Spread those wings & fly, young seagull !

Touch the sky
above the clouds !

[ Recognise? ]

The purpose of this site is to acknowledge, worship, and provide educational materials about the truth which will be The Separation Circle until such a time as it is something else - next Tuesday, most likely.


 You are welcome to inspect, admire, learn, or simply bow down and give thanks here.


The future's in your eyes...

[ In Search of Cassandra,
Princess of Troy



Truth is not        







The world is round but a bit squashed on top and at the bottom. The Separation Circle is round with some lines across it. Circles within circles, lines within lines. Lines within circles, circles within lines. All these things are here. They are also elsewhere. Or neither and both. Forever and ever, as if one forever was not long enough. 


 Bad Tune Men

band of legend




I once wrote a song called "Clocks, Cobwebs & Chalk" - about which you can find out more by clicking on its name if you so desire. Here as described there is some of the evidence that I have existed.

 Can you see why I call to you?
 If you were mad, then I'm mad, also.

[ Another Mad Message ] 

 attempts to capture beauty with a camera
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