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brightness of the day

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Emerging Into the Brightness of the Day


I am alone

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I am Alone
words & music by Ed Hooke, January-May 1995   -   © Ed Hooke 1995 & 2007





"a gospel song
without any god in it"
      - Tom Robinson




There is a wall that no-one can see.
No-one can feel it except for me.
And I'm on the outside reaching in.
But my hands cannot penetrate the wall.

I am alone.

I've been to places where no tourists go.
And I've seen visions that no eyes should know.
And I'm on the outside looking in.
And I can see - but I remain invisible.

I am alone.

I've shared my home with Fear, Guilt and Shame.
And I've known Madness by its first name.
So if I stay outside, perhaps I'll bear the pain
And protect those I would love from the demons that I contain.

I am alone.